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Arboretum Fieldtrip

  • April 18, 2019
  • 11:00 AM - 1:30 PM
  • 2300 Arboretum Drive E, Seattle, 98112

Registration is closed

 UW Botanic Gardens‐Washington Park Arboretum

near University of Washington


The Washington Park Arboretum holds a world class collection of woody plants that can be explored independently, through self-guided tours, arranged tours, or through the many classes and activities hosted at the site. All parts of the Washington Park Arboretum, with the exception of the Japanese Garden, are open to the public and are free of charge. The Graham Visitors Center has maps, restrooms, staff and Arboretum Foundation offices, a gift shop and rental venue. All year round you’ll find something of interest along the trails that wind through 230 acres of gardens, natural areas and wetlands.

We will be experiencing a self-guided tour called: Marsh Madness: Explore the shores of Lake Washington through scavenger hunts, games and above and below water exploration. Length of activities are about 90-120 minutes. 

Cost for the event is $2.00 per child. Maximum, $7.00 per family. Meet at the Graham Visitor Center. Pay cash to Elizabeth Grace at the Arboretum. 

Sign up so we know who to look for.

Email or text if you have questions:

Elizabeth Grace, egracegrace@gmail.com or 425-890-6882

After our self-guided tour we can eat our picnic lunches somewhere near the Graham visitor center. 

An Arboretum is like a tree museum. It has trees and plants from all over the world so that scientists, college students, gardeners and young students like you can learn about trees and plants. The word Arboretum is a Latin word. Translated to English it means tree place. Arbor = Tree and Etum = Place. 

There are a few extra rules just for the UW Botanic Gardens to keep you and all of the plants safe. 

  • Please stay together! The UW Botanic Gardens is 320 acres, more than 240 football fields! That is why it is important to stay together. If you should become lost, STAY WHERE YOU ARE! Your group will come back for you and if you move, it will be harder to find you. 
  •  Please gently touch plants. Leaves, flowers, seeds, bark, branches and roots are very interesting and have such different textures. While you are in the UW Botanic Gardens, we ask that you are gentle with our plants and trees. Please do NOT pick anything from a plant or tree and please do NOT climb trees.
  • Please walk on paths and grass. We have paths of gravel and lots of areas with grass. These are perfect places for your feet. Plant beds (areas where plants are growing), plants and ponds are NOT good places for your feet to be. We need to do our best to protect our plants and we know you will help us do that.
  • HAVE FUN! The best way to learn and study is to have a great attitude and a super time. Just like being prepared for the weather. Be prepared to walk, have a good time, share the knowledge you have and learn so much! 
  • Please remind students to wear comfortable close-toed shoes, layers, and rain gear or sun-appropriate clothing (hats/ sunblock).
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