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Monthly Newsletter

The newsletter is a primary benefit of H.O.M.E. membership. It is published each month of the year, except January and July. H.O.M.E. members receive the newsletter via download each month from this web site.

Issues include things such as:
  • Monthly H.O.M.E. activities and events for families, kids and teens
  • Homeschooling news
  • Classes offered in the area
  • Community events
  • Advertisements for services, events, and products of particular interest to homeschoolers
  • Opportunity to share with other homeschooling parents
The first issue of the year is distributed on August 1st, so be sure to renew your membership in time so you don't miss any issues.

Annual Events

We have a wonderful Spring Formal for our High School Teens in May and a Homeschool Graduation in June

Kids' Days

A mixture of just-for-fun as well as educational events are planned at least once a month for kids in the K-7th grade age range.

Teen Events

Teens love to socialize with their peers and have fun! H.O.M.E. plans some favorite events that have become tradition like the Corn Maze and the Spring Swing Dance, but also new events for meeting new friends, hanging out and serving too!

Woodland Park Zoo Membership

A wonderful benefit is our Zoo membership cards that can be checked out for free admission to the zoo. Each of our 2 cards cover admission to the zoo for 2 adults and their children.

Pacific Science Center Membership

Free admission to the Science Center regular exhibits for 4 people per card (we have 2 cards). For admission to special exhibits, the discount as corporate members is substantial. We've enjoyed King Tut, Spy, and Pompeii special exhibits in the past.

HSLDA Discount

Homeschool Graduation



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