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Taproot Theater, Beasley's Christmas

  • November 29, 2011
  • 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Seattle


  • Pay with Paypal $10, for your theater tickets. No special pricing or cancellations allowed.

Registration is closed
Taproot Theater

Beasley’s Christmas Party, is the story of a journalist, Booth, who in 1909 moves to a small town to work at the local paper.  Booth’s next door neighbor, David Beasley is the town hero.  Everybody respects him.  He was elected to Congress and is now running for Governor.    Considering all this, Booth is a little concerned when he sees Beasley talking to thin air, calling for invisible dogs to come in out of the cold, or having “jumping contests” with imaginary people.  It turns out that (despite appearances) David Beasley is not crazy.   Beasley has become the ward of a small boy, Hamilton Smith.  Hamilton is confined to a wheelchair and has never been able to have friends his own age.  So he has made up a whole family of imaginary friends and Beasley is playing along.   He plays along to such an extent that he plans a whole Christmas party, complete with tree, decorations and carriages dropping off the invisible “guests” all for the benefit of Hamilton and his imaginary friends.
Home Group Play at Taproot Theater Who: ages 10+  Cost: all seats are $10 dollars.  
When: November 29, 9:30a.m.
Limited seats of 25 Payment due: November 10, 10p.m. Pay by check to Taproot Theater and send to:
Jeri Pleticha 16421 3rd Dr Se Bothell, WA 98012 425-743-7486
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