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Spring Formal

  • May 24, 2012
  • 6:00 PM - 11:30 PM
  • Bear Creek Country Club


  • A Formal Dinner, Dance and Evening of Fun and Entertainment.
  • A Formal Dinner, Dance and Evening of Fun and Entertainment.

Registration is closed

Announcing the 2012 Spring Celebration

A Formal Dinner, Dance, and Fun

For H.O.M.E. and Homeschool Connections’ Teens

Today, May 10th, is the last day to register!

Thursday, May 24th, 2012, 6-11:30pm, at the Bear Creek Country Club

Who:  The Spring Celebration is for homeschooled teens that are members of H.O.M.E. and/or attend classes at Homeschool Connections.  Students must be between the ages of 14 (by 9/30/11) and 19 and must still be in high school.  If you were homeschooled in the years before, and attended Connections classes or were members of HOME, high school juniors and seniors who are Running Start students are welcome.

Reserve your spot by May 10th

Cost: $70 for HOME Members with a current membership.  OR $80 for non-H.O.M.E. Members.


This amount includes an evening of dinner, dancing, photo opportunities and other surprises. 


Note:  If you have any food allergies, sensitivities, or other issues we should be aware of to provide the best evening possible, please let us know.  The menu will have vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy free options.

Attire:  ABSOLUTELY NO DENIM is allowed by anyone on the Country Club grounds.  This includes parents who drop off or pick up their teens.  This is a Country Club rule. 

Ladies:  The ladies attire is modest, knee length or floor length dresses or gowns.  No plunging necklines or cutouts/see through fabric where undergarments may normally be seen. If the attendee arrives at the door and it is determined they are inappropriately dressed, they will be asked to return to the event when they have made the appropriate changes to their attire. The decision of appropriateness is left to the sole discretion of the event committee chairperson. If an attendee is asked to leave and return because of the dress code and their decision is to not return, there will not be a refund of fees.       

Gentlemen:  Gentlemen’s attire is expected to be dress slacks with shirts and ties - Jackets are optional but look great, so we strongly encourage them! 

Conduct:  All participant’s actions while at the dance will be polite, well behaved, and honoring to Christ, whether dancing or on the side lines of the dance floor.  There will be no inappropriate dance movements.  In the event that the participant chooses to disregard this standard and the chaperones feel it is necessary to intervene, the parents will be called to take the student home.  Any student who leaves the building for any reason may not return to the event. 

This event is designed to be an evening specifically for teens. This means the music and dancing may be different from what some parents find enjoyable; however, this event is to be a wholesome opportunity for our young people to interact. We will have a professional music system and DJ with only clean lyrics.  We will have a variety of music played including pop, rock, Christian and swing. Please note secular music will be played. There will be some slow music played. All dancing is to be tasteful. Chaperones will intercede any inappropriate dancing to help make the night more enjoyable for all those attending.  This event will be well chaperoned.  You may pick up your teen at 11:30pm.

Please find, email or phone Heidi Curnutt if you have any questions. I am happy to help! 

425.239.9187, gardeniapassion@yahoo.com


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